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Antonio Brown uses Wolverine meme to convey ‘mood’

Antonio Brown has been a prolific presence on social media during his NFL purgatory, and he relied upon a popular meme in a recent Instagram post to articulate his “mood.”

The mercurial wide receiver’s latest social media dispatch used a popular Wolverine meme to share how he was feeling. The meme, which shows Wolverine looking at a tablet, depicted the Marvel superhero viewing an image of a smiling Brown conversing with New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sideline during a game.

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Attempting to infer or decode what messages Brown is trying to convey with his frequent social media missives arguably is a fool’s errand, as was the case with this post. Still, a reasonable interpretation is that Brown’s current “mood” has been influenced by his desire to resume his playing career.

That theory is further emboldened by an Instagram Live video shared by Brown earlier this week. In it, the out-of-work wideout made the case that the Patriots might as well bring him back since he believes the team will ultimately have to pay him his 2019 salary anyway.

Bolstering Brown’s argument on that front is how the NFL Players Association filed grievances on his behalf earlier this week against the Patriots and Raiders. Brown is seeking to recoup approximately $40 million in unpaid salary, fines and voided guarantees.

All that said, a recent report suggests there is “absolutely no chance of a reunion” between Brown and the Patriots. In other words, if Brown hopes to continues his NFL career this season — which his agent insists is the case — he best look elsewhere, although it’s hard to fathom any team would be willing to take on the significant risk that comes with signing him.