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Gardner Minshew not on any roster in his own fantasy league

Gardner Minshew mania has to be one of the most fascinating stories of the early NFL season, and his legend continues to grow with every anecdote shared about the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback’s life in and outside of football.

The 23-year-old rookie signal-caller from Flowood, Miss., who comically evokes comparisons to Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite,” is the subject of a profile from Sam Borden of ESPN. In the piece, it is revealed that Minshew’s meteoric rise to fame has been so sudden that even his own fantasy football league has yet to catch up to the hype.

Tre Polk, who is one of Minshew’s closest friends back in Mississippi, shared how the quarterback’s attention to detail and competitiveness led his pal to nearly redraft his entire team in his dynasty league.

“It was ridiculous,” Polk says. “He must have known something about Melvin Gordon, and he worked out with Josh Jacobs and liked what he saw so he took him, and he took the Patriots defense, and he grabbed Austin Ekeler …” Polk goes on for a few minutes like this before putting on the bow. “Bottom line: He redrafted, like, his whole team, and he’s tied for first place. He just sees the game in a different way.”

Polk went on to reveal that Minshew has fellow rookie Kyler Murray at quarterback. What’s even crazier, though, is that Minshew has failed to crack the roster on any team in the league.

“That’s the thing,” Polk said. “I keep waiting for him to pick himself up, but no one took him. Gardner Minshew is available in Gardner Minshew’s fantasy league.”

The Jaguars without question are all in on riding the Gardner Minshew hype train, as evidenced by a recent wacky ticket promotion the team rolled out.

While Minshew is viewed as a stopgap at QB for the Jags until Nick Foles returns to health, his surprising play — 66.7 completion percentage, 1,279 yards and nine touchdowns to only one interception for a 105.6 quarterback rating — at the very least merits him getting picked up in his own fantasy league.