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Brian Cashman endorses Joe Girardi for Mets job: ‘Instant credibility’

Things ultimately did not work out in the Bronx for Joe Girardi, but his former boss with the New York Yankees believes the veteran skipper would be a fine fit with the MLB team residing in the borough of Queens.

Girardi is expected to receive a sit-down interview with the New York Mets to fill the team’s vacant manager position after the ouster of Mickey Callaway.

Cashman of course was the principal decision-maker behind the Yankees firing Girardi in 2017 after 10 seasons and a World Series title. The Yankees general manager nevertheless believes Girardi has the experience, knowledge and savvy to take the Mets to the next level.

“When you’re talking about somebody like Joe, he’d give you instant credibility,” Cashman told SNY. “He’s buttoned-up, ready to go and proven successful in the largest market you can find. And he came out on top.

“He was here for 10 years, and some things have an expiration date, but that doesn’t diminish the abilities the person possesses or the quality of work he provides. I highly recommend Joe to anybody, even our rivals, unfortunately.”

With his contract expired, Girardi was cut loose on Oct. 26, 2017 after coming within one win of leading the Yankees to yet another World Series appearance. Cashman acknowledged this week that “it was time” for the Yankees to find a new manager to “change things up,” although he admitted the decision was a “tough” one.

“Joe is top-shelf. He’s passionate and prepared. He’s all-in and he’s collaborative,” Cashman said. “He’s connected from ownership to the front office to all aspects of the organization. He’s going to represent your franchise extremely well because he cares. He’s someone I’m proud I worked with, and proud I selected as our manager.”

Girardi met with the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday, and said he was “happy” with how things went during the eight-hour interview. It’s unknown when the Mets will bring him in for an interview, but Cashman’s endorsement will likely be taken into account by any team that views Girardi as a potential manager.