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Baker Mayfield jokes about Richard Sherman handshake saga

Baker Mayfield on Wednesday finally weighed in on the ongoing drama surrounding the Richard Sherman-spawned “Handshake-gate” controversy, and the Cleveland Browns quarterback is taking everything in stride.

There have been a handful of twists and turns since the scandal first broke, to put it mildly. Still, the situation all stems from Sherman claiming Mayfield snubbed him and his San Francisco 49ers teammates during the customary pregame handshakes, either before or after the coin toss, ahead of the teams’ “Monday Night Football” showdown, calling Mayfield’s conduct “some college s—.”

Sherman has walked back much of his accusations after footage surfaced showing Mayfield interacting with 49ers players during the ceremonial midfield meeting.

On Wednesday, Mayfield weighed in on the situation, even managing to crack a joke in the process.

“I know what I did,” Mayfield said. “That’s the one time the camera recording me has gone in my favor.”

Mayfield went on to say no disrespect was intended.

“I respect him and who he is as a player,” Mayfield said. “He’s a great player and has been for a while. In no way did I mean it like that.”

It merits noting that Sherman said during an interview Wednesday that Mayfield “definitely deserves an apology” over the situation, adding he planned to reach out to the Browns quarterback in some manner to do so.

Sherman closed out his comments by saying, “My bad.”

Between Sherman’s mea culpa and Mayfield’s cavalier reaction to the drama, odds are both involved parties would prefer to put the entire situation behind them. However, the case could be made that Mayfield is letting Sherman off easy on this one.