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Kevin Durant again insists he won’t play during 2019-20 season

Despite some whispers in recent months suggesting otherwise, it’s a virtual certainty that Kevin Durant will sit out the entire 2019-20 NBA season as he continues to recover from an Achilles injury after undergoing surgery in June.

The new Brooklyn Nets star confirmed as much a few weeks ago, and now he’s telling the team’s fans to not expect a miraculous return during the upcoming campaign.

Appearing Tuesday on “EBRO In The Morning” on HOT 97, Durant seemingly was letting Nets fans down easy, advising them not to hold out any hope that they will see him in uniform and on the court anytime soon.

“I’m still human. It’s taking a long time, it’s a long process,” Durant said. “It’s tough to, y’know? To dive at it everyday, two-to-three hours of just rehab, trying to get back strong. No accelerated process, I’m just working like everybody else who’s ever torn their Achilles.”

Durant’s announcement during Nets Media Day a few weeks ago that he would not play this season was viewed as a mere formality, as all signs pointed to the superstar making his debut with the Nets next season. Nets general manager Sean Marks all but confirmed as much just before Durant’s earlier comments as well.

Should Durant make a push to return in 2019-20, new teammate and longtime pal Kyrie Irving, who is presently dealing with an injury issue of his own, said it’s on him to make sure his fellow superstar does not come back before returning to full health.

The Nets were never going to allow Durant to force the issue by rushing back just to play in the upcoming season. At least it sounds like the team will not receive any pushback on that front from Durant, which will make things easier for everyone.