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Anthony Davis jokes about Rob Pelinka calling him too much

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has long extolled his philosophy that superstar players are “like partners” with the front office.

According to Anthony Davis, Pelinka’s desire to treat players like equals, as it were, led to far too many phone call exchanges between the two during the Lakers’ pursuit of free agents this summer.

Davis, who says he was often consulted on the bigger-picture components of personnel decisions while with the New Orleans Pelicans, was left blown away by just how much Pelinka desired his input as the Lakers built their roster around him and LeBron James this past offseason.

“We were doing constant calls about, ‘What do you think of this or this player?'” he says, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “Rob was almost like a stalking girlfriend. He was an agent, so he’s played both sides. He knows that in order for stuff to work, the players have to be involved. And he tried to make sure that LeBron and I were involved as much as possible. During free agency, every decision I got a text or a call, even just two minutes, ‘Look, this is going on. … How do you feel? OK, cool.’

“Every single decision. I [have] never been involved so much. No matter who the player was, he wanted to make sure. It was on everything. And it was like, ‘Wow.’ To the point where I was like, ‘All right, Rob, stop calling me.'”

Pelinka estimates that there were hundreds of three-way calls between himself, Davis and James during the Lakers’ free-agency process since the team acquired Davis. Such a collaborative approach to managing the team and constructing the roster presumably was appreciated by Davis and James.

That said, it sounds like Pelinka might want to ease up on the phone calls a tad, as it’s clear Davis found the frequency of them somewhat overbearing, or the superstar at the very least felt the need to joke about the awkwardness of it all.