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Tom Brady trolls himself over his blocking ‘skills’ in TikTok video

Tom Brady is yet again wowing the NFL world with his social media skills, as a video the New England Patriots quarterback recently shared on TikTok mockingly showcases his blocking talents … or better put, lack thereof.

Instead of running away from hilarious evidence of his aversion to blocking, Brady, as he is wont to do, embraced it. The Patriots signal-caller posted an edited, stylized version of a play from a few years back on Thursday night.

Brady’s “attempt” to serve as a lead blocker for LeGarrette Blount became quite a hit on social media when it happened, hardly a surprise given the 42-year-old quarterback’s lackluster efforts.

Vastly improving upon the original archival footage, Brady added monster trucks and other random visuals along with some sublime backing music: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake.

The video was first shared on TikTok by Brady, and it has since started making the rounds on Twitter.

The production values are indeed impressive. Okay, perhaps not so much, but it’s clear Brady has a great team working for him on the social media front.

The crowning achievement of the video, though, has to be how the Robert Redford nodding meme — from the 1972 film “Jeremiah Johnson” — was incorporated into it for a brilliant closing visual.

First, Brady conquered Facebook. Next, he took on Twitter with much success. Now, the social media provocateur has set his sights on TikTok. Suffice to say, the Brady legend continues to grow on all fronts.

Well done. Well done, indeed.