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Ben Simmons standoffish with reporter over ‘dumb question’

Ben Simmons’ stupefying lack of success from the three-point line has plagued the Philadelphia 76ers star in his first two seasons in the league, and the fact that a reporter asked him a question about it this week drew his ire.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Simmons was asked whether he’s getting in a sufficient amount of three-point attempts in practice to round out that part of his offensive game. Suffice to say, Simmons was not impressed with the inquiry.

The question from Jack McCaffery of the Delco Times that elicited Simmons’ terse response, as noted by Crossing Broad, was as follows: “Have you been getting any three point looks open in practice and are you satisfied with your opportunities to take them?”

It merits stressing that it is not all that surprising that a reporter covering the Sixers would be interested in Simmons’ efforts to improve his three-point shot. After all, despite boasting a Rookie of the Year award and an All-Star nod last season — the latter which Simmons mentioned himself — the young superstar’s poor outside shooting overall is believed to be the only thing holding him back.

On the three-point front, his lack of success is stunning, as Simmons heads into the 2019-20 season saddled with an 0-for-17 mark on shots from downtown in his otherwise outstanding two-year career.

In other words, Simmons should not be all that shocked that there is an abundance of interest in how his outside jump shot is progressing.