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Philly fan with Phanatic tattoo using fame to raise money for charity

A Philadelphia sports fan who became a social media sensation thanks to the slightly off-putting but fantastic Phillie Phanatic tattoo on his stomach is now using his 15 minutes of fame to raise money for charity.

Rob Dunphy, whose aforementioned nightmare-fueled Phanatic tattoo utilizes his navel as the gonzo Phillies mascot’s “mouth” (?), became an Internet celebrity last week after being spotted shirtless at Lambeau Field during the Philadelphia Eagles-Green Bay Packers tilt on “Thursday Night Football.”

Even the Phillie Phanatic got in on the craze, as the mascot shared the stage at a recent Phillies game with Dunphy.

Amid his meteoric rise to newfound fame, Dunphy was contacted by local tattoo artist Mike Nemo, who offered to complete his Philly sports mosaic tattoo for free in exchange for Dunphy raising money for a worthwhile charity. With that, a fundraising movement benefiting Storm the Heavens — which raises funds to research the pediatric disease DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) — was born.

The fundraising goal was set for $10,000, which through a Facebook-based charity drive was met in only 48 hours.

Rob is now taking this 15 minutes of fame and turning it into something bigger than a phanatical sports fan, bigger than any tattoo, and bigger than something he ever thought he would have the honor of being a part of,” the Facebook post reads in part. “His fundraising goal has changed, his main focus has turned to awareness, spreading awareness for the need to do more, the need to do better for our children because there is no cause greater than the fight for our children’s right to grow up to be adults. Rob has increased his monetary goal to $100,000, and he hopes to reach this goal by Christmas. 

As of Thursday morning, nearly $15,000 in donations have been made.

Great tattoo. Great charity. Great job , Mr. Dunphy.