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Orioles have players pen handwritten notes to fans after losing season

The Baltimore Orioles struggled through yet another losing season in 2019, the third straight campaign that the team failed to reach .500. As the team was set to close the books on an awful 54-108 campaign, the Orioles organization hatched a plan that involved players penning handwritten notes to select fans.

Said notes were covered in a recent piece from Dan Connolly for The Athletic, in which not only the story behind the novel concept is covered but the content of some of the correspondences is shared as well.

The organization reached out to players during the Orioles’ final home stand of the season that concluded on Sept. 22. The players were given Orioles team stationery and asked to pen the personalized “thank you” notes.

The idea to have players write “thank you” notes to select fans — who were comprised of randomly selected season ticket holders — was the brainchild of Kristen Hudak, the club’s director of public relations, who shared what inspired her unconventional plan.

“I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. The guys that I spoke to about it were immediately supportive,” Hudak told The Athletic. “I saw many of them sit down and start writing right away. It felt like they had something on their minds or something they wanted to say and that was an opportunity for them to do it in a heartfelt way. And then, when I started to collect them, I was just really touched and moved by their answers and the time that they took to be thoughtful.”

In the end, some 25-30 letters were written. The notes are expected to be in the hands of the intended recipients sometime this week. It goes without saying that the fans set to receive the letters — not to mention the team’s entire fan base — would rather see the Orioles demonstrate some signs next season that the agonizing rebuild is progressing toward something positive.

Until then, the personalized, handwritten and thoughtful letters will have to do. At least for those fans who received them.