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James Harden, Russell Westbrook react to new California law

One of the bigger stories in the NBA as training camps open has little to do with what’s happening on the court. Instead, some of the biggest names in the league have been reacting to the recently passed law in California that will allow college athletes to profit off their likenesses.

The new landmark law, referred to as SB 206, as well as the “Fair Pay to Play” act, has elicited myriad reactions — both for and against, depending on who is being asked — and now Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook have weighed in on the legislation that is already causing a stir within the NCAA.

It’s hardly surprising that Harden and Westbrook — not to mention the likes of LeBron James and Draymond Green, among others, before them — have praised the new law. After all, almost every NBA player generated massive amounts of revenue for their schools during their collegiate careers.

Those who oppose the new law, however, such as the aforementioned NCAA — as well as the universities and athletic conferences that will be tasked with navigating the uncertain landscape the law has created — obviously do not feel the same.

James primarily spearheaded the movement to rally support around the bill, both in the NBA and beyond, and with the opinions expressed by his superstar colleagues in the league being universally positive, it’s pretty clear that most professional athletes do not hold the NCAA in high regard.