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Snoop Dogg defends fans who booed Kawhi Leonard at Rams game

Kawhi Leonard returned home to Los Angeles for the next stop in his NBA career, but Snoop Dogg believes the superstar picked the wrong team.

At least that is how the rap icon explained why Leonard was booed while taking in last weekend’s Los Angeles Rams game at Memorial Coliseum.

The Clippers star was shown on the stadium’s Jumbotron at some point during the Rams’ 55-40 loss to the Buccaneers, and the appearance elicited jeers and boos out of the L.A. fans in attendance.

During an appearance this week on FS1’s “Undisputed,” Snoop defended the fans who booed, arguing that in L.A., the Lakers come first and the Clippers a distant second when it comes to the NBA pecking order in town. In other words, Leonard somehow had it coming from Los Angeles sports fans for signing with the wrong team.

“They booed him cause he didn’t come play for us,” Snoop Dogg said. “It’s not about where he’s playing at. It was like, ‘Oh, you set us up you supposed to come play for us.’ But they love him. They love him and they love Paul George. There’s no doubt we love our LA guys, but you just playin’ for the wrong team.”

It merits noting that Snoop heavily recruited Leonard while the star was mulling his free-agency options by pitching the Lakers in a little tune back in July.

Snoop Dogg, along with all the Lakers faithful, were understandably disappointed when Leonard chose the Clippers. What’s done is done, however, and the case can be made that Leonard does not deserve to get booed in his hometown.

That said, given the unwelcoming atmosphere Leonard encountered at the Rams game, perhaps Anthony Davis was right with how he characterized the upcoming battle between the Lakers and Clippers for Los Angeles’ NBA soul.