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Khalil Mack reveals origins of dog poop analogy

Khalil Mack offered up an early candidate for the NFL quote of the season last Sunday after the Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 16-6 at Soldier Field. The superstar Bears linebacker has since revealed the origins of the interesting analogy, not to mention how he cleaned it up for a wider audience.

Mack was attempting to stress how the Bears can’t lose their focus solely due to a win over a division rival in Week 4. Given the length of an NFL season and how many things can happen over the next 12 games, Mack believes the Bears cannot get complacent.

Mack just did so in a colorfully descriptive manner, offering up a quote that raised eyebrows … and possibly turned a few stomachs.

“A dog that poops fast don’t poop for long, man,” Mack quipped.

It turns out, as Mack revealed this week, that all the credit for the analogy should go to his former defensive line coach with the Oakland Raiders from 2015-17, Jethro Franklin, who is now on the Seattle Seahawks’ coaching staff.

“Yeah, everybody keeps asking me what that means,” Mack said Tuesday at Halas Hall, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “It really means that anybody can start fast, but it’s about the whole race. You know what I’m saying? The whole season. Being consistent.”

Mack went on to add that he sanitized Franklin’s original quote to keep it “PG rated.”

It’s obviously a gross way for Mack to get across his point, but the logic is sound. Sure, there had to be a better way to impart the same message, but if Mack did, would it have had the same impact and reaction?

All that said, one can only hope Mack has another eminently quotable one-liner to share should he exact revenge on the Raiders when his Bears squad squares off with his former team this Sunday in London.