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Julian Edelman shares profoundly awkward Bill Belichick story

Julian Edelman spun quite a few yarns in his Showtime documentary “100% Julian Edelman,” but a deleted scene recently unveiled shows that some of the best stories may have ended up on the cutting room floor.

In the deleted scene first shared by Edelman himself on his YouTube channel, the New England Patriots wide receiver shares how he once happened upon Bill Belichick relaxing in the team’s hot tub.

Making matters extremely uncomfortable, though, was how Belichick was completely in the buff, something Edelman understandably characterized as “extremely uncomfortable.”

The fact that it was only his second conversation with the legendary Patriots coach only added to the bizarre scene.

“I saw that he saw that I was in there, and then he got up and got out,” Edelman says, as transcribed by TMZ Sports, “And, real good party foul by coach. I mean, we’re supposed to have shorts on.”

“But, I guess at 11 o’clock [at night], when you’re the G.O.A.T. of coaching, you go wherever you want…

Edelman goes on to say that he set aside the awkwardness of it all and hopped into the hot tub.

“So, I sit in the hot tub, I’m already extremely uncomfortable, I don’t know what to think,” Edelman recalls. “I didn’t know that people went into hot tubs without swim trunks at a public facility. I accepted it … it’s coach.”

When Edelman proceeded to mention to Belichick how impressive it was that he was still at the facility so late at night, the curmudgeonly head coach offered up a patently Belichickian response.

“It beats being a plumber,” Edelman said. “See you tomorrow.”

End scene. Now that is one wild — and nightmare-fueled — story.