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Rob Gronkowski shares footage of workout on football field

Rob Gronkowski has made it a habit in recent months to either tease a potential return to the NFL or troll anyone who suspects he may come out of retirement.

The latest development on that front sure to fuel rampant speculation again comes from Gronk, as the former New England Patriots tight end shared footage of his recent workout on a football field.

On Monday night, Gronkowski posted video from said workout in an Instagram story, which was captured and subsequently shared by NESN content producer Dakota Randall.

The workout video of course could be much ado about nothing, as Gronkowski mentioned during the offseason that he lacks the mental desire to return to football at this point.

That said, Gronkowski also noted in early September that it would only take him “a month” to get back into football shape. Could Monday’s on-field workout session be a hint of things to come? It’s difficult to say.

The fact that Gronkowski has alternately teased a potential return and trolled the NFL world when it comes to his future — not to mention revealing some sobering things about the toll his career has had his body — leaves the situation lacking any semblance of clarity. If Gronk does in fact return to the NFL, though, this workout footage likely will be credited as the first step.