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Damian Lillard reacts to Shaq diss track with one of his own

Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard have been beefing over who has the better rap skills, and a diss track from the former has now inspired one from the latter.

On Monday, O’Neal issued said diss track slamming the Portland Trail Blazers star — who goes by D.O.L.L.A. for his hip-hop monker — via Instagram. While the original has evidently since been deleted for some reason, the track was saved for social media posterity by Ball is Life. Some of the most savage lines from Shaq’s diss track were also highlighted on Twitter.

Lillard unsurprisingly caught wind of Shaq spitting shade at him, and hinted on Monday night that a response was forthcoming.

Lillard proved to be a man of his word, as the Blazers superstar tweeted a link to his retaliatory diss track on Tuesday morning.

The rap feud between Lillard and O’Neal appears to have stemmed with the Blazers star calling out Shaq Diesel while touting his own rap skills during a recent appearance on the “Joe Budden Podcast.”

“People weren’t looking at it like, this is a real rapper,” Lillard said. “It was like, that’s Shaq rapping.”

Odds are this isn’t the last word — or diss track — exchanged between Lillard and Shaq, the latter of whom obviously cannot let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to such matters. Then again, Lillard may become too busy to occupy himself with such trivialities with the regular season looming, while Shaq may have to shoot a new commercial with “The General” or something.