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Noah Syndergaard jabs Indians again over ‘fringe’ playoff team tweet

The New York Mets failed to reach the postseason after an encouraging in-season resurgence, but that didn’t stop Noah Syndergaard from taking one last parting shot at the Cleveland Indians over a trash-talking tweet earlier in the 2019 campaign.

In August, the Mets humbled the Indians by way of a three-game sweep at Citi Field. Ahead of the third game, the Indians official Twitter account dismissed the the Mets as a “fringe postseason team,” which unsurprisingly drew the ire of Syndergaard.

The Mets ace tweeted out a bold rebuttal to the slight, writing, “We got some FRINGE for you right here, we call it a SWEEP in NYC. #LFGM.”

On Sunday as the MLB season drew to a close with both the Indians and Mets failing to lock up a postseason berth, Syndergaard took to Twitter to again highlight the Indians’ dig.

It merits noting that Syndergaard, a known social media provocateur, did jokingly make note that both the Indians and Mets turned out to be fringe playoff teams.

The Indians, save for a brief appearance atop the AL Central standings in early August, could not quite keep pace with the Minnesota Twins, who clinched their first division title since 2010 last week.

The Mets, meanwhile, remained in the hunt for a National League wild card berth far longer than expected after a brutal start to the season. The torrid stretch by the Mets failed to pay postseason dividends, however, as the team finished the season three-games back of the Milwaukee Brewers for the final wild-card slot.

It nevertheless seems like Syndergaard, while acknowledging the Mets’ own failure to secure a spot in the playoffs, made it clear with his tweet Sunday that he hasn’t forgotten about the Indians’ social media smack talk.