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Kevin Durant confirms he’ll sit out entire 2019-20 NBA season

Kevin Durant confirmed on Friday during a press conference that he’ll sit out the entire 2019-20 NBA season as he continues to recover from Achilles surgery.

The announcement was merely a formality for the most part, as all signs pointed to the superstar making his debut with the Brooklyn Nets next season. Earlier this week, Nets general manager Sean Marks all but confirmed as much, and Durant made mention of it in his remarks.

Me and Sean have been in contact since day one, so if he says it, then it came from me,” Durant said. “We came together and made sure that was the message. Any time he comes out here and says something, you don’t have to ask me right after him, because I’m gonna say the same thing.

There had been some speculation that Durant would somehow play this season despite suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon during the NBA Finals as a member of the Golden State Warriors and undergoing surgery in June.

New Nets teammate and longtime pal Kyrie Irving, who is dealing with an unfortunate and untimely injury of his own, insisted during his meeting with the media Friday that he will make sure Durant does not return until he’s fully healthy, citing how the superstar rushed back too soon during the Finals.

“I’m here to protect that,” Irving said. “I’m going to be a protector of that all throughout the year in not allowing anyone to infiltrate that circle of, ‘Hey, (Kevin), do you. Get right. We’ll be fine.’ We have expectations for our team and obviously know he’s an integral part, but we’ll wait for that. I’ll be over-patient with Kevin.”