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Antonio Brown shares image of himself portrayed as Muhammad Ali

The Antonio Brown saga continues to take bizarre twists and turns, with the latest development being how he has shared an illustration of himself on social media in which he is portrayed as Muhammad Ali.

Brown has spent most of the past week frenetically firing off dispatches on social media. Friday brought perhaps the strangest one yet, which is saying something.

The caption bears an odd riff on the famous quote that has become synonymous with Ali — “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” — with the use of emojis. Brown is depicted in the illustration as a quasi-Ali-like figure with “AB” trunks. On his shoulders are the aforementioned butterfly and bee, and the hashtag in his post shares the message, “Never let hard times humble us.”

Brown started his most recent social media binge on Sunday when he announced that he was done with the NFL.

On Wednesday, Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, seemingly contradicted his client by indicating the mercurial wide receiver hopes to return to the NFL, potentially as soon as this season, while suggesting there are teams interested.

Brown returned to Twitter on Thursday to pull a 180 by appearing to proclaim in a series of tweets that his NFL career is in fact apparently not finished.

It remains to be seen how the entire spectacle surrounding Brown resolves itself, as it seems anything can happen. That said, any chance of Brown continuing his NFL career at any point is presumably hampered by the possibility he could still end up on the league’s commissioner’s exempt list in light of the myriad allegations that have surfaced in recent weeks.

In other words, the Brown saga is far from over, which really is not all that shocking.