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Indians TV announcer eats crow after Twins clinch AL Central

The Minnesota Twins clinched at American League Central on Wednesday night thanks to the combination of a 5-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians losing 8-3 to the Chicago White Sox later in the evening.

The division title seemed almost inevitable in recent weeks, but it wasn’t always that way. Following a disappointing series in early August against the surging Indians, the Twins’ season-long stranglehold on the division was no more.

As pointed out on Twitter at the time by Indians television analyst Jensen Lewis, winning three out of four against the Twins then beating the Boston Red Sox on Aug. 12 gave Cleveland a 1/2-game lead on Minnesota. Lewis put a sarcastic exclamation point on the development by tweeting out “Bye Twins” along with a screengrab of the division standings.

While the Indians’ division lead was short-lived, the race remained somewhat tight for some time, although the Twins extended their lead to 4.5 games by the end of August.

Taking two of three in a weekend series from Sept. 14-15 (which included a doubleheader) essentially sealed the deal for the Twins, as the series was viewed as the Indians’ last gasp at remaining in the hunt.

When the Twins officially clinched the AL Central on Wednesday night, Lewis surfaced on Twitter to eat social media crow and congratulate Minnesota.

Lewis deserves credit for his classy tweet, but perhaps he will realize something in light of the myriad snarky replies to his congratulatory tweet by Twins fans: Twitter never forgets.