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Nets were being ‘cautious’ with Kyrie Irving hospital trip after injury

The Brooklyn Nets do not appear to be overly concerned about Kyrie Irving’s trip to the hospital on Tuesday after taking an inadvertent elbow to the face during a pickup game. Instead, Nets general manager Sean Marks says the hospital visit simply was a case of the team being “cautious” with their prized new superstar player.

Irving was escorted to the hospital by Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson after the practice mishap, and Marks declined to address the severity of any injury the point guard may have suffered.

“Kyrie got hit with an inadvertent elbow during pickup this morning,” Marks said, via the New York Post. “I wouldn’t want to speculate at all. I think this is just a case of doing due diligence. Kyrie goes and gets checked out like we’d do with anyone else, and we always send staff with them. This is a great opportunity for Kenny to be with him, too.”

Perhaps serving as an indication the Nets hope to downplay any potential fallout from the situation, Marks even joked about the Irving’s injury when asked if any blood was spilled.

“Sounds like a horror movie,” Marks said. “I don’t want to go into details like that. It was definitely not the graphic portrayal that you outlined there.

“I think this is a case of us being cautious with all our guys. A stray, inadvertent elbow playing pickup games — yes, I did see it — those type of plays happen frequently in the same game. This is just a case where he caught the elbow and now we’re going to do our due diligence.”

Atkinson later relayed that Irving is “okay” and no worse for wear. However, the fact that Irving has previously dealt with these kind of injuries during his career — a facial fracture during the 2017-18 season, not to mention an eye injury last season — is arguably a source for concern for the Nets in light of the nature of what occurred on Tuesday.