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Hero Eagles fan still cracking football jokes after Nelson Agholor jab

The Philadelphia Eagles fan who helped save children from a burning building early Monday morning — and then became an instant celebrity thanks to his ruthless roasting of wide receiver Nelson Agholor — continues to crack football-related one-liners while chronicling his heroic deeds.

Hakim Laws, the Eagles fan in question who took action after happening upon a burning building in West Philadelphia, ended up catching children as their father dropped them out of a window along with fellow bystanders.

While explaining his actions, Laws busted out arguably the most Philly sports fan quote ever.

“My man just started throwing babies out the window, we was catching them … unlike Agholor,” Hicks quipped, referencing how the Eagles wide receiver dropped two critical passes and coughed up a costly fumble in the team’s 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Keeping up the football-themed chatter, here’s what Laws had to say during an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark.

CLARK (narrating): He says he caught a baby and an adult woman in the air, as transcribed by Bleeding Green Nation.

LAWS: You can believe in me. I’m not going to drop her. So, she came down — BOOM! My first thought, actually, in the back of my head was like, yeah, no fumble. So, I caught two. Then ran them in for a touchdown.

CLARK: After rescuing people from a burning building, how was the Eagles loss still on his mind in that moment?

LAWS: Messed up my whole day! That was earlier the same day. Maybe 12 hours or so, less than that. Yeah, I’ma think about that all day.