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Brett Favre: Eli Manning likely agonized over Daniel Jones’ debut

Daniel Jones had an extremely impressive NFL debut in Sunday’s dramatic, come-from-behind victory over the Tampa Buccaneers as Eli Manning watched from the sidelines.

While Manning has admirably played the role of good soldier since his unceremonious benching — even hugging Jones after a win in which the rookie threw for two touchdowns and ran for another pair in a 32-31 win — Brett Favre believes that “deep down,” the veteran quarterback must have been in agony over his former and short-lived understudy’s outstanding performance.

“You and I and anyone else can only speculate what Eli was thinking,” Favre said this week on his Sirius XM NFL show, according to “But you have to think that deep down inside, a part of him … not wanted to see Daniel Jones fail, but not play at the level he did.”

For Manning to feel that way obviously is only human. Favre, however, went on to suggest that Jones’ solid debut likely had another adverse impact, as Manning likely experienced pangs of doubt about his level of play in recent seasons.

“The short term, it really makes you look bad,” Favre said. “And all the things that have been leading to the team’s losses falls back on you — and you know that’s not the case. It’s hard to say, ‘Heck, I guess it’s me. I guess the reason we are losing these games is because of me.’ You have to believe that at some point that crosses his mind.”

Favre of course has firsthand experience when it comes to having a younger quarterback waiting in the wings, as Aaron Rodgers’ eventual ascension to starter ultimately led to the end of his celebrated tenure with the Green Bay Packers. Favre obviously did not play the role of mentor as well as Manning did with Jones — to put it mildly — nor was he around to support Rodgers once his former “protégé” replaced him.

Regardless of the differences between himself and Manning, Favre went on to state the obvious, saying, “The Eli Era, at least with the Giants, is over.”