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Tom Brady declines to share ‘personal feelings’ about Antonio Brown release

Tom Brady unsurprisingly played things close to the vest on Monday when asked about the New England Patriots cutting ties with Antonio Brown late last week.

The Patriots ultimately decided Brown was not worth the distractions amid new allegations that surfaced late last week, including how the mercurial wide receiver sent threatening text messages to a reported victim of sexual misconduct.

On Friday, the Patriots unceremoniously announced Brown’s release in typical understated fashion.

The Patriots of course closed ranks amid the news, so it should not come as any surprise that Brady had no interest in addressing Brown’s release when asked about the situation during his weekly appearance on WEEI.

“I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share,” Brady said. “That is about it. It’s a difficult situation. That’s kind of how I feel.”

Brady went on to discuss at length his loyalty to teammates, the bonds he’s formed in the locker room and how we live “in a culture that we want to pass judgment so quickly on people,” among other things, without specifically singling out Brown.

There is no reason to expect any member of the Patriots organization to speak at any length about the Brown situation. That said, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday morning that there are plenty of Patriots players who are “not happy” about how the Brown situation was handled.

Brown, meanwhile, indicated in a tweetstorm Sunday that he’s done with the NFL, doing so while taking shots at Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former teammate Ben Roethlisberger in his social media rant.

The next stage in the Brown saga will involve a grievance he’s expected to file Monday against the Patriots seeking his 2019 salary. In other words, things are far from over when it comes to Brown and the Patriots.