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Eagles fan roasts Nelson Agholor after burning-building heroics

A Philadelphia Eagles fan played the role of hero early Monday morning when he caught children dropped from a burning building. While explaining the tense situation and how helped save lives, the Eagles fan took a ruthless shot at Nelson Agholor, which of course is “most Philly soundbite” ever, as noted by one reporter.

Agholor had a game to forget on Sunday, as the Eagles wide receiver dropped two critical passes and coughed up a costly fumble in the team’s 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions. The nightmarish outing from Agholor unsurprisingly weighed heavily on the minds of Eagles fans after the loss.

So much so, in fact, that Hakim Laws, the Eagles fan in question who took action after seeing a building on fire in West Philadelphia, had the presence of mind to drag Agholor during his post-heroics television interview.

It turns out that after a family was unable to escape the top floor because of the fire, Laws and other bystanders stood outside the burning building and caught children as their father dropped them out of a window.

During an interview with Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate, KYW-TV, Laws dropped a one-liner about Agholor’s brutal game that was as savage as it was brilliant.

“My man just started throwing babies out the window, we was catching them … unlike Agholor,” Hicks quipped.

Again, as noted in the above tweet from Steve Lindsay of CBS Philly, “the “most Philly soundbite” ever. Fly Eagles Fly.