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Tom Brady responds to Phil Mickelson’s tweet about ‘inadequate calves’

Tom Brady’s name appeared on the New England Patriots injury report on Wednesday due to a reported calf injury. Phil Mickelson, whose own calves became the talk of the PGA Tour earlier this year, jokingly made note of the Patriots quarterback’s “inadequate calves.”

To no surprise given Brady’s penchant for social media chicanery, he was all too happy to engage Mickelson in the Twitter hijinks.

Mickelson suggested on Wednesday that the Patriots signal-caller not let “inadequate calves hold us back.”

On Thursday morning, Brady responded to Mickelson’s humorous quip, referring to the nonexistent “Phil Mickelson Method,” which is a nod to his own “TB12 Method” fitness and health program.

The notion that Mickelson should be dispensing advice on how another superstar athlete should resolve his calf issues likely stems from how his sizable lower leg muscles attracted an inordinate amount of attention in the golf world back in February.

Brady of course has his own regimented system when it comes to taking care of his 42-year-old body, one that has kept him in peak physical condition after all his years in the NFL. That said, one cannot help but think Brady should take up Mickelson on the offer. After all, look at Phil’s almost disturbingly sculpted calves, for crying out loud.