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Steph Curry, like Tom Brady, seeking calf counseling from Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson generated some laughs this week by offering up his assistance to Tom Brady after the New England Patriots quarterback landed on the team’s injury report with a calf injury.

Hoping not to miss out on Mickelson’s obvious expertise when it comes to sculpting muscular lower leg muscles — more on that later — Steph Curry has since reached out to the PGA Tour star for counsel.

The entire situation surrounding how Mickelson should be sought out to achieve calf perfection stemmed from the golfer tweeting at Tom Brady in light of the Patriots signal-caller calf issue. Brady responded to Mickelson’s tweet, which presumably caught the attention of Curry.

On Thursday, the Golden State Warriors superstar and Mickelson humorously exchanged pleasantries on Twitter about how Curry can up his calf game. Included in the exchange was Mickelson offering up his knowledge in person when he’s in nearby Napa next week.

Mickelson garnered a ton of attention earlier this year after he was spotted sporting some seriously toned calves during a practice round.

The above image alone is a testament to the notion that if a professional athlete really wants fantastic calves, there might be no better person to seek out than Mickelson.

Setting aside how toning up his calves conceivably could improve Curry’s shooting — a frightening notion for the rest of the NBA — how about how Mickelson has somehow evolved into the PGA Tour’s resident jester, both on social media and otherwise? However it happened, it’s definitely a great thing.