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Infant ‘baptized’ into Bills Mafia with breaking of tiny table

The Bills Mafia is a fascinating subculture of passionate Buffalo Bills backers. The crew is infamous for their pregame antics during festive tailgating sessions, and the most outrageous antic that occurs during said parking-lot revelry is how some members of Bills Mafia enjoy breaking tables with nothing else but their bodies and an assist from gravity.

Bills Mafia unsurprisingly takes indoctrinating new members into their crew very seriously, which makes footage of a father “baptizing” his infant with a hilarious — and safe — table-breaking moment simply a showcase of an absolutely “normal” rite of passage.

This isn’t the first time a Bills fan has pulled off such a stunt, either, as an almost identical scene played out just a few years ago.

Interestingly, this most recent infant-table-breaking moment comes amid news that the Bills organization has recently warned Bills Mafia members set to attend games at New Era Field this season that they better be on their best — or at least not worst — behavior. In other words, let’s keep the breaking of tables to a minimum, Bill Mafia, infants or otherwise.