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Odell Beckham Jr. parlays watch drama into endorsement deal

In what probably should not come as any surprise, Odell Beckham Jr. has managed to parlay his watch drama from the first two weeks of the NFL season into a new endorsement deal.

Watchmaker Daniel Wellington announced on Wednesday that the Cleveland Browns wide receiver is among the company’s new “Icons.”

“We are so proud to work with @obj, who besides from being an amazing athlete clearly loves watches. If we’re his second choice after a six figure watch, we’re happy,” the company tweeted.

Beckham’s watch odyssey began in Week 1 when he ran afoul of NFL policy by wearing a Richard Mille watch worth several hundred thousand dollars throughout the Browns’ blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans. The enigmatic wideout argued he was being singled out by the NFL’s warning not to engage in such antics.

Then, in a convincing Week 2 victory over the New York Jets, Beckham wore another Richard Mille watch, but only during warmups. Said timepiece was believed to be worth $2 million, but the authenticity of the watch has since been called into question.

Beckham’s new endorsement deal, perhaps surprisingly given the events of the past few weeks, obviously is not with Richard Mille. Beckham did, however, give a postgame shoutout to Daniel Wellington following Monday night’s win.

“I think Daniel Wellington might be a better watch than these, a little classier, not as flashy as this one,” Beckham said, via the New York Post. “I’m just blessed.”

The only remaining question is if Beckham’s watch antics over the past few weeks were a calculated ruse or if the timing of his new endorsement deal is purely a coincidence.

Given his comments on Monday night, bet on the former. It’s a lock.