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Tom Brady admits to becoming ‘more protective’ in media dealings

Tom Brady opened up on Monday night about he views the fine line professional athletes have to navigate in their dealings with the media. The New England Patriots also admitted that he’s become much more wary of opening up to reporters over the years.

In his weekly appearance with Jim Gray during Westwood One’s coverage of “Monday Night Football,” Brady was asked by the host how he goes about maintaining a “low profile” in today’s media-driven world.

“The challenging part today is there’s so many people that are seeking a headline,” Brady told Gray, as transcribed by NBC Sports Boston. “If you say one thing that’s taken out of context, it becomes blown up in a way that takes on a life of its own.

“When they take the context out of what you say, it becomes very distracting or distressing, especially in a team environment where you’re trying not to cause distractions.”

Brady went on to note how the media’s pursuit of headline-grabbing content creates a situation rife with risk for the modern athlete.

“Unfortunately, I think over the years I’ve gotten more protective of what I’m saying, because there is a lack of trust in speaking your mind,” Brady said. “Because people aren’t interested in context, and they’re going to take what they want to make their story, and they’re going to use you to make a story.”

Brady obviously isn’t the only athlete or celebrity who has become more guarded in their dealings with the media as the landscape has changed so significantly.

Brady went to herald social media as a valuable outlet for him to get his message out to fans in an unfiltered and unadulterated manner, calling it a “very empowering thing” for athletes.

“It does take up some discretionary amount of time,” Brady said, “but you don’t feel like when you say something it’s going to be taken out of context if you’re doing it yourself.”

Brady is without question among the most savvy users of social media in pro sports, and now it’s clear why he prefers to use it to express himself.