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Was $2 million watch Odell Beckham wore during warmups a fake?

Odell Beckham Jr. raised eyebrows ahead of Monday night’s game against the New York Jets by wearing a ridiculously expensive watch during warmups. There has since been skepticism expressed about the watch questioning whether the pricey timepiece was actually authentic.

Beckham was originally believed to have been wearing an extremely limited-edition Richard Mille watch ahead of the game that comes with the hefty price tag in excess of $2 million.

On Tuesday morning, luxury watch media site @watchanish cast doubt on the authenticity of the timepiece Beckham sported Monday night. In a handful of photos published to Instagram, the case is laid out that Beckham’s watch was a fake.

Action Network’s Darren Rovell has since highlighted the developing controversy and speculation.

Further sleuthing arguably is necessary before declaring that Beckham was indeed wearing a cheap, knockoff version of the $2 million Richard Mille timepiece.

If so, one question that needs to be answered is if Beckham was duped into believing the watch was the real deal by unsavory characters or if the Cleveland Browns wideout simply was trying to pass off a fake to perpetuate his weekly watch “watch.”

After all, it was only in Week 1 that Beckham rocked a different expensive Richard Mille watch, only in that instance he wore it for the entire game. Beckham’s antics were not appreciated by the NFL, which Beckham not surprisingly took personally.