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Matt Nagy: Bears did not tell Mitch Trubisky to not discuss Packers loss

A strange story out of Chicago this week has led to Bears head coach Matt Nagy to insist no one on his coaching staff instructed Mitch Trubisky to avoid discussing last week’s ugly loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Trubisky put up a dreadful performance in the Bears’ demoralizing 10-3 loss to the Packers at Soldier Field last Thursday night. Earlier this week, Trubisky told reporters, after looking at a Bears PR staffer, that he “was told not to talk about the last game.”

Nagy claimed on Thursday that neither he nor his staff ever told Trubisky anything of that nature.

“Let me just tell you this — it didn’t come from me,” Nagy said Thursday, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

Nagy insisted instead that Trubisky perhaps misinterpreted how the philosophy of moving on and focusing on the team’s next opponent — in this case the Denver Broncos on the road — meant he could not discuss last Thursday’s loss at all.

“What I’m trying to say is that I think the message that was being portrayed to him, was, ‘Listen, we’re on to the next deal,’” Nagy said. “And it probably came out different than what he wanted it to come out.”

The “On to the (insert team here)” mantra of course has been perfected by Bill Belichick over the years, and it’s arguably a sound way to keep looking forward and not dwelling on the last game, win or lose.

In that sense, Trubisky has seemed to do just that, as Nagy noted the quarterback was “smiling and giggling out at practice and having a good time and that, to me, is what’s important.”

Despite the evident misinterpretation on Trubisky’s behalf, Nagy will stick with the belief that it is imperative for a team to focus on the future, not what happened in the past.

“The message within our building — not just to [Trubisky] but to everybody — is, ‘We’re moving on,’” Nagy said. “We’ve got to worry about what’s up next.’”