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Peyton Manning once advised Joe Thomas to do what to force trade?

Joe Thomas recently spun a yarn about some remarkably gross advice Peyton Manning once gave him, and it would be an understatement to say it was a good thing the Cleveland Browns legend didn’t act upon the two-time Super Bowl champ’s suggestion.

The backstory to Thomas’ tale is that Manning apparently wanted the ironman offensive lineman to force the Cleveland Browns to trade him to the Denver Broncos. So, what did Manning advise Thomas to do to effectuate the move? Well…

“When I was in my seventh year, the Broncos were making a run, Peyton Manning was still the quarterback,” Thomas recalled during an appearance “The ThomaHawk Show” — 47:45 markas transcribed by The Big Lead. “Peyton called me up and basically asked me to go Antonio Brown on our GM at the time in order to get traded. Because there was some conversation about trading me to the Broncos because they had lost their left tackle for the season. And he asked me to go into my GM’s office and poop on his desk.”

Thomas’ seventh NFL season came in 2013, so the Browns general manager who would have had his desk defecated on would have been Michael Lombardi, now a writer at The Athletic.

Thomas of course was never traded, so Manning’s scatological suggestion presumably never came to fruition. If it did, well, Lombardi was one incredibly stubborn executive who would not be forced into trading a fantastic offensive lineman, even by such extremely nasty measures.