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Ice Cube: Carmelo Anthony ‘would be great in the BIG3’

If Carmelo Anthony fails to find a job in the NBA ahead of the 2019-20 season, Ice Cube believes the veteran could find a home in the BIG3.

Despite Anthony continuing to garner headlines, it doesn’t look like the 35-year-old will catch on with an NBA team, although it’s not completely out of the question at this point, either.

Having said that, Ice Cube suggested to Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times that Anthony could use the BIG3 as a springboard to a return to the NBA, much like Joe Johnson seemingly is set to accomplish following his one-year stint in the 3-on-3 league.

“I think Carmelo would be great in the BIG3 but I think some guys have a stigma about the BIG3,” Ice Cube said. “When you go to the BIG3 your career is over but that’s not true. When the NBA lets you go, your career is over but you can continue to be a pro here. The BIG3 is where you continue your basketball career and until guys understand that, there’s going to be that stigma. Look at Joe Johnson, he showed what he could do in the BIG3 and he’s going to be back in the NBA. Carmelo could do the same if he wants.”

The latest word on Anthony’s NBA prospects indicate some veteran Brooklyn Nets players are pressuring the front office to sign the superstar. That said, there also have been whispers that there has been some “chitter-chatter” behind the scenes among NBA front offices that purportedly are essentially blacklisting Anthony. Whether that is true or not cannot be substantiated, but if so, at least Anthony has an option to play basketball in the BIG3, it seems.

The question is if Anthony would even be interested in pursuing that avenue.