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Russell Westbrook could not care less about ‘NBA 2K20’ rating

Unlike many of his NBA colleagues, Russell Westbrook could not care less about his rating on “NBA 2K20,” and the Houston Rockets star made that abundantly clear during an appearance Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Westbrook received an overall rating of 90 in the long-running video game title’s latest iteration, which was released last week. The rating leaves him sitting fourth among NBA point guards, as the superstar trails the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, the Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard and the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving.

Given how Westbrook doesn’t seem to care one bit about what anyone thinks about him, it’s no surprise the nattily attired Rockets star told Fallon the rating “doesn’t mean s–t” to him.

The best part has to be how Westbrook casually flings the card to the side like he’s throwing it in the trash. Given his evident disdain for things like player ratings and such in video games, that’s probably exactly where Westbrook would prefer the card to end up, which stands in stark contrast to how professional athletes occasionally respond to these perceived slights.