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NFLPA contacts NFL over Browns fan spraying Titans players with beer

The NFLPA has reached out to NFL security in the wake of a Cleveland Browns fan spraying several Tennessee Titans players with beer during Sunday’s game at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The incident was brought to the attention of the players union thanks to a tweet from Titans cornerback Logan Ryan, who bemoaned how fans are allowed to behave in such a manner.

The video posted by Ryan shows a Browns fan in a Baker Mayfield jersey spraying beer on Titans players as they celebrated a pick-six by Malcolm Butler during the Titans’ 43-13 blowout win. Ryan tagged the NFLPA in the tweet, and the players union responded.

Ryan went on to address the situation Monday on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Yeah, you know, in this day and age it’s ridiculous,” Ryan said, per ESPN. “I understand that we play football. I understand that we’re modern-day gladiators. I understand that fans feel like they can yell and say and degrade, whatever, but you know, we’re human beings.

“And I think in society nowadays that’s, with everything going on and everybody deserving their rights, I think as a player to hop up over the rail and to have beer splashed in your face and you’re not allowed to respond. Fans are allowed to throw beer in our face and yell whatever they want to yell at us and there’s no penalty?”

The incident on Sunday of course is not the first instance of a professional athlete being mistreated by a fan or fans during a game, and unfortunately it will not be the last. The NFLPA should be credited for addressing the issue in such a manner, and odds are the fan, if identified, will face some sort of punishment for his actions.

There have been instances where such conduct has resulted in a fan getting banned from a stadium, temporarily or otherwise. That very well could happen in this instance.