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Terrell Owens advises Antonio Brown to ‘take some steps back’

The Antonio Brown circus that has plagued the Oakland Raiders throughout the offseason has devolved into a theater of the absurd over the past few days. A former NFL wide receiver known for his mercurial ways recently offered up some advice to Brown as things in Oakland continue to spiral out of control.

Terrell Owens, no stranger to diva-like behavior during his career who could be called the Godfather of the Modern Wide Receiver, has surfaced to weigh in on the Brown drama. The Hall of Famer believes the best thing Brown can do is give himself some room to contemplate the situation before deciding what to do next.

Joined by fellow former wide receiver Brandon Marshall for a discussion shared by The Players’ Tribune, Owens offered up his advice to Brown.

“Just take some steps back,” Owens said, as transcribed by Sporting News. “Whatever frustration or feelings you have about yourself, just step back and allow your football to do your speaking for you.”

“The games is short-lived, so humble yourself,” Marshall added.

Owens added he believes the Raiders should figure out how to resolve their issues with Brown, saying, “I think [the Raiders] should stick with him. Find a way behind closed doors as men.”

Marshall disagreed, saying, “If you want to win you have to separate. You can’t win with that type of distraction. If he’s going to get better, OK. But if he’s going to continue this behavior, which he probably will, done.”

The Raiders reportedly are set to suspend Brown for conduct detrimental to the team amid the fallout from a confrontation between the wide receiver and general manager Mike Mayock, which could set in motion an extremely unceremonious parting of ways.

That said Mayock kept things close to the vest when speaking to reporters on Thursday, although from the initial reporting on the purported incident, the situation may have reached a point of no return.