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LeBron James told Anthony Davis he ‘wasn’t fun enough’ at Taco Tuesday?

Catching up with LeBron James and his family celebrating “Taco Tuesday” has been all the rage this NBA offseason, but it sounds like an appearance at the weekly event by a Los Angeles Lakers teammate left The King somewhat underwhelmed.

In a Q&A celebrating Friday’s release of “NBA 2K20,” Anthony Davis revealed some inside information about his visit to the James household for Taco Tuesday earlier this summer.

“Taco Tuesday was great. … LeBron does it every Tuesday. I’ve been invited once,” Davis said. “You know, he said I wasn’t fun enough, so hopefully I get invited back soon and make you guys laugh. But if you can, make sure enjoy Taco Tuesday with LeBron.”

Davis’ foray into James’ Taco Tuesday territory came in July, and the case can be made the new Lakers superstar was simply trying to find his place in the frenetic-but-fun scene.

James’ Taco Tuesday celebrations have become such a sensation that the entrepreneur is seeking to have the term trademarked, although his efforts to do so has run afoul with a contingent of Lakers fans, with one of them saying, “He definitely doesn’t know L.A.”

However James’ bid to trademark Taco Tuesday plays out, it sounds like Davis would like another invite to one just to prove to his new Lakers teammate that he deserves a standing invitation.