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LeBron James backs Calif. bill to allow college athletes to earn endorsement income

LeBron James has been an outspoken critic of the NCAA over the years, and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar unsurprisingly is backing a proposed bill in California that would allow athletes to earn income off the use of their likenesses.

James took to social media on Thursday morning, and in a series of tweets expressed his overwhelming support for Senate Bill 206, “The Fair Pay to Play Act,” calling the potential passing of it a “GAME CHANGER.”

According to the website of Senator Nancy Skinner, who represents California’s District 9, the state’s college athletes “would be able to earn income from endorsements or sponsorships for the first time.”

The bill passed the state Senate with a 31-4 vote in May. It is currently under consideration by the state Assembly, as noted by Bleacher Report.

“NCAA rules disproportionately harm students from low-income families,” Skinner said. “And they’re particularly unfair to female athletes, because for many young women, college is the only time they could earn income, since women have fewer professional sports opportunities than men.”

James, as noted, has long been at odds with the NCAA related to myriad issues, most recently over the organization’s botched attempt to enact what was famously referred to as the “Rich Paul Rule,” named after James’ agent. The action was ultimately reversed after significant backlash, which included James hammering the NCAA over the rule.