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Rob Gronkowski: I’d only need ‘a month’ of training to unretire

The belief that Rob Gronkowski’s retirement could be a brief one has remained consistent ever since the former superstar tight end called it quits after the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII win.

If Gronkowski ever did decide to return to the NFL, though, he believes it would not take all that long for him to get back into game shape.

During an appearance this week on the “RapSheet and Friends” podcast, Gronkowski remarked that it would only take about “a month” to return to form.

“If that,” Gronkowski said, adding he currently weighs 245 pounds, about 15-20 less than his playing weight, via “I could easily go out there right now and go. Easily. For sure.”

Gronkowski has previously stated that from a physical standpoint, he is ready to play. However, he believes he lacks the mental desire to return to football at this point. Should that itch to play return, though, Gronkowski will know it.

“Just like I knew I needed to walk away from the game. I just felt it. Just felt like it was time,” Gronkowski explained. “You just have that feeling inside. Just going with the heart, just going with the gut feeling, and that’s how I’m going to be living my life too, with what my gut feeling is telling me. Throughout my life I’ve had gut feelings and then I didn’t go with them. I went with a different option, and then it never works out. I swear it never does.

Gronkowski went on to say that his “soul would have to be on fire” to make a return to the NFL, and that feeling “would have to be on a consistent basis, too.”

Gronkowski said earlier this week that there is one surefire way Tom Brady could ensure his return to the Patriots, but the charismatic Gronk clearly was speaking in jest. The fact that the retired superstar is so forthright and open about potentially coming out of retirement, whenever that would be, certainly inspires the suspicion it could very well come to fruition at some point down the road.