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Eric Weddle’s contract with Rams includes ice cream clause

Eric Weddle’s fondness for ice cream is the stuff of legend, but it’s still rather surprising his contract with the Los Angeles Rams contains a clause solely devoted to the sweet treat.

It turns out before Weddle put pen to paper on his two-year, $10.5 million contract with the Rams back in March, an incentive clause was inserted in reference to how his wife, Chanel, and their four children enjoy eating massive ice cream desserts he personally constructs.

Called the “Brooklyn, Gaige, Silver & Kamri’s Ice Cream Sundays Incentive,” it’s unclear exactly what’s specified or laid out by the terms, but Weddle’s family certainly is keen on it.

“I go all out,” Weddle said, per the Los Angeles Times. “When we win, let’s smash some ice cream.”

The story goes that Weddle would overindulge on a gallon of ice cream after every team victory going back to his star-making days with the then-San Diego Chargers. The habit continued in his two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and by all appearances will pick up in L.A.

By all accounts, Weddle is fitting in tremendously well with the Rams, with head coach Sean McVay, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, Jared Goff and many others singing his praises, with outside linebacker Dante Fowler calling the safety an “assistant, assistant defensive coordinator.”

The Rams are expected to be a championship-caliber team again this season after coming up short against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. With that in mind, the Rams are expected to pile up wins in the regular season, which means Weddle and Family will be feasting on an absurd amount of ice cream the rest of the year.

“My kids know when we get home after games it’s like ‘Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!’” Weddle said. “They know what’s up.”