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Rob Gronkowski jokes about how Tom Brady could ensure his return to Pats

Rob Gronkowski is in the midst of a media blitz to promote one of his post-retirement business ventures, and the former New England Patriots tight end jokingly revealed the one way Tom Brady could usher in his return to the team.

Gronkowski made an appearance Tuesday on “The Adam Schefter Podcast.” When asked by the host how it would play out if Brady reached out to him and pleaded for his return, Gronkowski plugged a new partnership.

“I’m gonna be doing his treatment, doing his pliability, and if he comes over and rubs some CBDMedic on me,” Gronkowski said, “then I’ll feel twice as good then and I’ll be ready to go.”

Gronkowski recently announced a new partnership with Abacus Health. The nature of the business venture is to create a line of cannabidiol (CBD) products for pain management. Gronkowski, ever the showman, brilliantly seized upon the opportunity to promote it.

Gronkowski went on to hypothetically and humorously discuss the logistics of a potential return, though comments he made last week made it clear that while he would be physically able to play, from a mental and desire standpoint, he is not.

“There would have to be some rules,” Gronk muses, “like ‘All right, am I just showing up to the game? Like, are you going to give me a game plan on Saturday? Do I have to stay at the hotel the night before?’ What if I just showed up to the game one day and just did the transaction?”

It would be foolish to hold out any hope that a potential return to the Patriots is imminent for Gronkowski, especially given the sobering the comments he made last week about his decision to retire, not to mention his other potential interests away from the gridiron.

That said, it’s a shame Gronk is only joking when he said that all it would take is a nice CBD rubdown from Brady to make it happen.