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Louisville cheerleader says errant Ian Book pass broke her nose

A Louisville Cardinals cheerleader was hit in the face by a throwaway pass from Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Ian Book on Monday night, and she later indicated on Twitter that she suffered a broken nose in the mishap.

During the fourth quarter of Notre Dame’s 34-17 victory, Book threw the ball away when the offensive line’s blocking broke down. The Fighting Irish quarterback chucked the ball well out of bounds, where it drilled the young woman square in the face.

Demonstrating a superb sense of humor in the face of presumable pain, Liz cracked a few jokes on Twitter about the incident.

The Cardinals cheerleader also noted in another tweet that her nose was broken in the incident. She also highlighted that at least she has a great story to tell about what occurred.

Hopefully, the young woman is feeling a bit better on Tuesday morning after presumably having her nose checked on by a doctor amid her newfound notoriety. Quite a way to start of the college football season for this cheerleader, right?