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Fan gets incredibly realistic Michael Jordan tattoo on arm

Having oneself inked with a portrait of a favorite professional athlete arguably is the ultimate testament to fandom, if not outright devotion, and one obviously huge Michael Jordan worshiper has done as much with an incredibly realistic tattoo of His Airness.

Tattoo artist Steve Butcher recently shared an image as well as video on Instagram highlighting his impressive talents. The tattoo, located on the fan’s arm, certainly is breathtaking in its nearly lifelike resemblance to the NBA icon.

Stunningly impressive ink work there, to say the least.

Jordan has long been a subject of fan tattoos, and rightfully so. If a person is going to get inked with an NBA player portrait, MJ obviously merits such a tribute. Yet, in the pantheon of MJ ink, this Crying Jordan tattooin honor of the celebrated meme — might be the best of the bunch.

It also should go without saying that if one is going to go so far as to get such a tattoo, finding a gifted artist to do the work is a must, as was the case with this Tiger Woods fan after the golf legend won the Masters earlier this year.