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Rob Gronkowski wants WWE match against pal Mojo Rawley?

Rob Gronkowski has long expressed an interest in making a serious foray into professional wrestling, and his retirement from the NFL in March appears to have heightened his interest, not to mention sharpened his WWE-style rhetoric.

The former New England Patriots tight end recently engaged in some humorous smack talk while chatting with a TMZ Sports camera crew, and his target was longtime pal and WWE star Mojo Rawley.

“Yeah, my friend’s in there, and he’s a little wimp,” Gronkowski jokingly said of Rawley. “So I gotta go in the ring and whup his a–.”

Gronkowski already has made some inroads into the world of professional wrestling, mostly due to his friendship with Rawley, who he supported in person at Wrestlemania 33 back in 2017. Gronk also has been known to express interest in a possible WWE career from time to time.

Interestingly, Rawley opened up about Gronk’s potential WWE career earlier this month, stating he and the retired NFL star have “extensively” discussed the possibility of an appearance in the squared circle at some point.

At this point, nothing is set in stone when it comes to Gronkowski’s future, not only as it pertains to the WWE, but seemingly his NFL career as well.

In other words, Gronk’s jab at Rawley should not be taken as a confirmation of his WWE plans, but it certainly could be a hint of things to come.