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Packers fan open to doing absurd things to move up season-ticket wait list

The waiting list for Green Bay Packers season tickets is stunningly long, and one fan is willing to go to absolutely outrageous lengths to get his name higher up on it.

Matthew McLaughlin, a 35-year-old Packers fan, has come to the sobering realization that his spot on the waiting list means he’s unlikely to procure the coveted season tickets for some seats at Lambeau Field in his lifetime.

Packers fans on the season-ticket waiting list cannot sell their spot to another fan, per team policy. So, McLaughlin, who currently is in the 70,000s on the list after 10 years, posted an ad on Craigslist that lays out in specific detail what extreme lengths he’s willing just to put himself in a better position.

Among his unconventional ideas in his “I need to become a Packers season ticket holder and am willing to do just about — $10,000” listing, as laid out by the Appleton Post-Crescent, are as follows: “a) change his name to that of the seller so he’d be able to secure the tickets or b) be adopted by the seller so they can be passed on in a will or c) marry and divorce the seller so the tickets could be transferred as part of the divorce decree.”

“Ultimately, and I’m not particularly wealthy at all,” McLaughlin told the Post-Crescent, “but I figured that I’d put my savings into this if the right person came around and I can’t imagine a better investment than the Green Bay Packers. I’m that confident it would be a diligent and smart use of my resources, even if they’re a bit limited.” 

Its been less than a week since he posted the listing, and McLaughlin has yet to receive any legitimate inquiries. Further, it turns out one aspect of his personal life could prove to be a hangup for one of his unconventional gambits: He’s currently married.

“If she’s not willing to divorce me for Packers tickets maybe we shouldn’t be married,” McLaughlin said.

There you go.