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Baker Mayfield, wife live in Browns’ stadium in new commercial

Baker Mayfield’s star continues to rise as he enters his second season as the Cleveland Browns’ franchise quarterback, and starring in a new commercial for an insurance company set to air nationally is only going to raise his profile that much more.

Mayfield and wife Emily star in a new commercial for Mayfield Village, Ohio-based insurance company Progressive. The couple are depicted making FirstEnergy Stadium their new home … literally, as in Mayfield mows the grass along with other homeowner duties.

“I was drawn to Progressive because it’s a high-energy, winning team,” Mayfield said in a news release, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “They thrive on accomplishing what’s never been done before and what others say can’t be done.

“My life story and process have been different from others, so I felt right at home with Progressive because their journey has been a little different as well.

“Emily and I both feel like it’s OK to be unique, prove doubters wrong, and be proud of it. We think it’ll be fun for people to tune in throughout the season to see how the whole story unfolds.”

Mayfield and his wife are scheduled to head to Progressive offices in nearby Mayfield Village on Wednesday to meet with the company’s employees as part of the kickoff to the new marketing partnership.

The commercial will debut on Sept. 5 and run nationally, as well as digitally, throughout the 2019 NFL season, though it’s truly unfortunate that Progressive’s Flo does not make an appearance in it.