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Marshall Faulk trying to get Ezekiel Elliott in game shape with training

Marshall Faulk revealed last week that he’s training with Ezekiel Elliott during the Dallas Cowboys running back’s holdout, and the Hall of Famer has since provided an update on how things are going.

While Faulk pointed out it’s impossible to replicate live situations, the goal of the training regimen is to get Elliott into the closest approximation of game shape as possible.

“His fitness is great, but playing in games is different,” Faulk told ESPN in a text message, per an Ed Werder report. “My job is to close that gap with putting him in active game situations. The only thing we can’t simulate is the contact.”

Faulk and Elliott are currently training in Cabo San Lucas, where the Cowboys back has sought refuge on two occasions during his protracted holdout. Faulk, who shares an agent with Elliott, was asked if he believes the Cowboys star is willing to sit out games in a quest to become the highest-paid running back in the NFL.

“The question is,” Faulk said, “are the Cowboys willing to have him miss games because they don’t believe he should be the highest-paid RB?”

An interesting aside to the training sessions was how Faulk — who also raised some eyebrows recently with some unflattering comments about one of Elliott’s high-profile teammates — had a specific, somewhat unsettling goal in mind ahead of the workouts, as he shared during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

Over the weekend, Eisen relayed a message from Faulk about how the challenge is going.

While it remains unclear when Elliott may return, it arguably should be encouraging to interested parties that he sounds like he’s in great shape.