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Lamar Jackson reveals his ideal passing attempts per game in 2019

Lamar Jackson burst upon the NFL scene last season as the epitome of the prototypical running quarterback. Now with an encouraging rookie campaign under his belt, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback hopes to improve his proficiency in the passing game.

Specifically speaking, Jackson envisions an increased amount of passing attempts on a per-game basis in 2019.

“Probably throwing, probably 30 passes a game,” Jackson told CBS Sports’ Adam Schein during an appearance Monday on Mad Dog Sports Radio. “Running, I probably won’t have as many attempts as last year. We have a great backfield and we’re just going to take what the defense gives us and take advantage of it and just go from there.”

Jackson tucked the ball and ran 147 times last season, the most by a quarterback since the NFL-AFL merger. Further, he never eclipsed his stated goal of 30 pass attempts in any game last season.

While Jackson aspires to rely more upon his arm than his legs this coming season, he insists he won’t abandon running when the opportunity presents itself.

“Last year it was a lot of (when) things break down, I just used my legs,” Jackson said. “Not trying to force anything — no forced turnovers or anything like that. I’ve been working on ball security this year. I had a lot of fumbles, fumbles that really shouldn’t have been fumbles, but it happened and it’s going to be a dramatic change this year.”

It goes without saying that Jackson possesses an arguably unparalleled skill set in the running game among NFL signal-callers. So much so, in fact, that even Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, when asked in July about whether Jackson would eclipse Cam Newton’s career-high 139-carry campaign in 2017, said he’d “bet the over” on it.

It merits noting that Jackson ran the ball at an unbelievable rate in 2018, as his 149 rushes came in only seven regular-season starts, with his appearances in the nine other games coming in limited action. Extrapolated over a 16-game season, Jackson would carry the ball an unbelievable 272 times at that frequency.

Bet the over, indeed.