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Ex-Colt opens up about offer to buy disgruntled Colts fans’ season tickets

Indianapolis Colts fans are unsurprisingly distressed, to put it mildly, over Andrew Luck’s stunning decision to retire, and some of them who have season tickets are seeking refunds. Matt Overton, a onetime Colt who now handles long-snapping duties for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has offered to buy up those season tickets from those fans.

Overton originally made the offer to take season tickets off disgruntled Colts fans’ hands who are demanding refunds in a tweet on Monday afternoon. Overton noted he would then donate those tickets to a charity near and dear to his heart.

Overton subsequently opened up to ESPN’s Michael DiRocco about his decision to issue such an offer.

“Riley Hospital is near and dear to me,” Overton said. “It’s near and dear to the entire community of Indianapolis and if we can help these kids and families go to a game and cheer on their favorite team, the Colts, let’s make it happen.”

Overton spent five seasons with the Colts before playing the last two years with the Jags. He still calls Indianapolis his offseason home and has remained involved in charitable efforts for Riley Hospital.

As far as the backlash directed at Luck over his sudden retirement announcement, Overton is disappointed over the vitriolic reactions, saying getting to know Luck over the years made it clear to him that the quarterback was “obviously going through some very difficult decisions right now and made a very difficult decision to retire.”

“It’s hard on the fan base. It’s hard on the team,” Overton added. “It’s hard on the organization. And it’s hard for guys like me who played with him and friends to see him going through that. Just hopeful that he finds that peace and joy and his health going forward.”

The Colts, meanwhile, have indicated only a handful of fans have demanded refunds for their season tickets.